Semalt Tips On How To Choose The Right SEO Agency For Your Website

There is no doubt we aren't the first SEO agency you've heard of or come across. However, if you're reading this, then chances are that you're yet to make up your mind on which agency is best for your business. Although Semalt is an SEO agency itself, we will be giving you tips on what qualifies for the perfect SEO agency for your business. 

Are you looking for an SEO web agency that will help you manage your web enterprise? We will be giving you tips you can use if you want to choose the right agency. On its own, choosing the right SEO agency can be a difficult task in itself. After all, there are several agencies that all claim to be the best, but they do not offer top-class services.

When you consider the complexity of what you need an SEO agency to provide for your business, it adds an entire level of criteria you must consider. That makes the process more difficult. Knowing which agency is difficult. If this were a sales pitch, we would outrightly say that Semalt is the best SEO agency for small and medium scale websites. However, that's not what we are here for. In this article, we will show you how to know if an agency can optimize your website professionally without tricks or spam. 

In our years of experience, we started up by building an SEO agency with a few clients, and today, we have over 500 clients. With this time, we've met other SEO agencies, and we have an excellent idea of what makes an excellent SEO agency. 

What you need to know 

A big factor in choosing which SEO enterprise to use rests on what functions you expect your SEO agency to perform. In choosing the right SEO agency, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want them to do. 

If you set up expectations during the RFP process will not help you differentiate the capable SEO agency from the bad ones. However, it will set you up for success in the long run. Having a draft with your SEO agency and having the tools for SEO helps you organize your needs and what you expect from the agency going forward.

Having a business case also helps communicate your expectations with key stakeholders and gain buy-in.

Where to find the right Enterprise

Agencies will always claim that they can do anything, but from experience, this isn't always the case. If you haven't found your agency, you can go on google to find out which agencies are the best. There are several factors you need to keep in mind. One of the most pressing issues we've discovered is the factor of price. Many of the silicon valley based SEO agencies are likely to request fees above your budget. So what do you do? 

To get to know the best SEO agencies, you should speak to SEO professionals at enterprise levels and find out who they use or work for. If you're planning on spreading your fishing net wide, you should request for proposal (RFP). You should also be clear on what your websites require and what you expect; you wouldn't have any issues as you review the agencies. 

Have a discussion with the agencies one-on-one about your expectations and see how well they handle your requests. If you're impressed, the chances are that they will impress you with the final delivery of your website.

You should keep your options open and carefully serve out service agencies that do not meet your standards. You will need time and have to set up several meetings during this process enabling you to have the best at the end of the process.  

What makes an SEO agency different?

It is wise to go for SEO agencies that are experienced but also diligent enough to take note of those small and obvious mistakes. There are several SEO agencies that do not look at the little and "obvious" mistakes that can affect the performance of websites. 

You should consider the following factors: 
  • Understand that there could be a business reason behind certain features on a site.
  • Follow up with the impact vs. how much effort is needed to fix said mistakes. 
  • Be open to feedbacks with any pushback that may occur during your review of the SEO agencies.
You should go to an experienced SEO agency. That is because agencies that haven't worked with complex projects may not understand that: 
  • It may not be as easy.
  • The business might not support it.
  • There could be legal factors to be considered.
  • The fix might not be scalable. 
SEO experts will also understand that the level of engagement for a larger company might be higher than what is required for smaller clients. As professionals, an SEO agency must be proactive since the SEO team in the company is likely to be distracted by all the office-based work.  

It is necessary that the agency maintains regular check-ins and keep communication lines open for the best services.

In getting the right agency, you should go for an SEO manager that":
  • Sits in the office with a contractor status on their desk, company email, login tools, and reporting.  
  • Attends regular meetings between engineering and verticals in the organization.  
Communication forms the bedrock of any successful partnership between you and your SEO agency. Communication creates room for growth strategies, foundational fixes, and smooth follow-through, ensuring that the work gets done perfectly. 

Managing your SEO agency

Now that you've found the right agency, how can you ensure that they stay on track with your objectives? The key to maintaining the terms of your SEO agency is communication. You should provide them with the tools and access they need to effectively carry out the tasks you've assigned. It is possible that even the best SEO agency does not go to work on your site in weeks or months as a result of frustration on both sides, with no one being at fault.

With little communication and little support, SEO agencies can not be successful in fulfilling your SEO desires, and this leaves both parties unsatisfied. 
You should set up expectations and a roadmap that the SEO agency can follow. When issues are raised, it would be helpful to support and follow through to have the results you desire.
Try to check in once in a while; let's say once every week, and request a clear list of what has been done and what's left. If you have any recommendations, feel free to speak up to have the perfect delivery.  
Have monthly check-ins with key stakeholders to keep everyone focused on the objective.  

SEO enablement is the Key to Implementation

As SEO professionals, many times, we find ourselves actins as gatekeepers or janitors. Our duty as gatekeepers is QAing every content and technical decision to ensure the best SEO practices are followed. 

As Janitors, we retroactively fix or mitigate decisions other teams make that can stun or damage the SEO process. 

SEO enablement is a continuous learning process and sharing knowledge, resources, and tools between our agency and our client's companies. While creating this process, we also help your local SEO team develop an SEO mindset.


With so many competing priorities and requests, it can be difficult finding the perfect time to prioritize your SEO efforts. However, we are certain you want to have a website, and we are here you help you through the process.  

At Semalt, we prefer to show you why we are the best, rather than claim to be the best. With an agency like ours, your website won't only rank on SERP, but it will meet your very best expectations. As an agency, our impressive services are designed to meet your business's needs regardless of its nature or size.

Semalt uses all these engagement tools not only to create great content but also to ensure your visitors are delighted by what they see on your website. In the end, you have happy customers willing to patronize your business.

Getting traffic to your website is a significant achievement. After all, it's a clear indication that your keywords and other SEO strategies are working well. But many times, getting clicks to your site doesn't translate to good dwell time. This is because you may have good SEO, but your web content simply isn't engaging.  

Link building can be a bit difficult because, as a new website, no one knows you that well. This is why it's so important you have Semalt backing you. With our brilliant track record, and our ability to deliver only the best, other websites will recognize you as being trustworthy.

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