Monday video surveillance was shown

Monday video surveillance was shown of St. Bernard’s property before and after the murder. The video revealed suspect Gary Lee Bullock pacing the property for hours, eventually entering, then coming out two hours later and leaving the rectory garage in Father Freed’s car.

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When dressing, a good rule of thumb is to err on the side of smart, with a hint of casual. For men, imagine the most proper way to dress: suit, collar and tie. By removing the tie and perhaps the jacket, you maintain the framework of formality, while loosening it up a little..

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As for this weekend, I ventured over to Roger Williams Park Zoo for an amazing day full of wonderful actiuvities. A special thanks goes out to Benjamin Sibielski and the entire staff for a hosting a fun family day! The zoo footage is for our current assignment that we are working on. For this one in particular we were each given a different client that we have to create a story about.

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Monday video surveillance was shown
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