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For example, one was offered help with a costume for a con I think, and another was offered help shooting other images to use to pad her nude portfolio with fashion.

Not really looking for a relationship - but if one happens, I'm open to it. Nude big pussy girls. She is in her early to mid thirties. Kato steamgirl naked. There's a lot of junk before, between, and after our falling out, but that's generally the gist of our interactions. Your report will help us to make SpankBang better. If you look on her 'steampunkcouture' site, you can see that Kato's own take on costume design and creation is inexplicably poor work. Lying about her age isn't a new thing.

The products they received were flimsy as fuck, you couldn't give them to a homeless person without feeling guilty. She's the queen of little pay, uncomfortable and rude comments on set, embarrassing photo manipulation, and unfulfilled promises. They all seem to enjoy working with her and are over the top about it but its probably just a facade.

I have my own thriving career and family now and I'd hate to put them in danger. Support my work today to unlock early access to the most elaborately-styled, sexiest pics and videos on the web and get ready for weekly, naughty and hilarious livestreams with me!

Please select the category that expresses your concern. Latina lesbians nude. It's a shame it had to be something like this. Video is not porn Video is spam Inappropriate video rape, incest, animals, etc. Thank you SO much to those of you who have joined my Patreon and supported my journey so far.

I think there are really only a select few that haven't left her on bad terms, and if they stay with her it's because they're using her for her following. I don't know much about her hence me reading these posts. I could immediately tell she had plastic surgery done on it and even I'm bad at spotting such things. Young models may be in less physical danger now that Kate's husband isn't in the picture, as I know that the two of them had "mommy and daddy" fantasies - meaning they wanted to be in a sexual relationship with a very young girl and control her.

They could probably say more truthfully. How is that possible? She also packaged the parcel like it was a parcel from a friend so that I would avoid horrendous handling fees. Steel retired from his music, I never thought I'd hear anything about him again. Up to 50 snaps posted a day! I'm super interested in Kato drama because I follow some models that she works with.

Like someone said not sure if here or on the links she seems to aspire to the characters dr steel used to draw and they had very unreal proportions. Christina milian hot nude. I wish her happiness and recovery, despite my abusive relationship with her and the pain she's caused others. Maybe explains some of her behaviour. Damn, this is a real shock to me that this is his ex-wife. He was a creep then and now ten years later…extra creep. Also laughing at him thinking he looks 35 no he fucking doesnt he looks like a desperate creepy 48 yr old kek.

Do some homework and check that shit out.

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I loved him when I was a 3edgy5me teenager. Lesbian ass porn movies. Her nose looks weird, especially from the side. After I moved for the job, I was told I would be paid far less than x amount.

It's a shame it had to be something like this. The difference between her and Sheena though, is that I don't think Sheena gives ultimatums to her partners and employees to get plastic surgery and lose weight whilst they work for her for nothing.

I thought the labia thing was the weirdest, but he insisted because women in pornography-esque jobs make more money with an innie than an outtie. Kato steamgirl naked. Create a new playlist: Published on 3 years ago Solo, softcore Category: I became wary of Kate and her husband actually glad to hear she got away from him so our "friendship" slowly dissipated. Why doesn't she just get another nose job so she can match her shooped one? So many lies come out of this cow's mouth, it's unbelievable at times. OT as hell, forgive me, but I wanted to cheer this anon up.

I forgot the technique used to show where parts have been warped or airbrushed, but something about this whole pic seems… off? Age is mostly irrelevant to me, though I usually get along better with younger people; most of my best friends are 20somethings. It would get greater exposure. Redhead milf photos. She's using bits of fucking tablecloths, lace curtains and your grandmother's doilies to produce nightmares. English, SomeJapanese Why is this so cringy. Really wondering how big of an iceberg the SS Steambitch is going to hit after taxes are due, because I'm not sure how much longer she can float on psycho fan contributions and gifts from creepy random dudes in Dubai.

I've spent seventeen, long years, sewing and photographing, modeling, designing and filming and never had an opportunity like this for you guys to join me on my journey, be a part of my day-to-day life and feel involved in my creative process.

You can find it a million places online. They tended to switch back and forth between the two. To each their own. Kato has burned her hair out to Charms levels, the point of no return. Read the rules and usage info before posting.

My point was like with other cows it appears, they dont look like their pics and not just with the face. Indonesia sexy naked. A lot of other attractive alternative MFC girls worked with her so I do wonder if I could ask around as to how their shoots with her went…. Her wares have always been cheap modified Chinese factory pieces so I'm sure the deal you're referring to is just streamlining and expanding the cheap quality.

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To be fair - customer service was nice - she would reply to my e-mails very fast.

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I do know of many girls that have worked with her once just expecting to get a little momentum in the social media aspect, when having a FB page was cool and stuff, and they were okay with ending the professional relationship after one shoot and they felt it was fair. One shoot might be fine if you want a little exposure and that's it good luck getting her to tag you correctly but a relationship that goes further will be detrimental to your well being and career.

I'm a model, fashion designer and set-builder. Kato steamgirl naked. Actress nude fake pic. She would be dirt-broke if she lost all those things to him as she claims to, but she still has cash to travel to conventions all over the country and commission artists to create costumes for her. Farmhand applications are open. I could immediately tell she had plastic surgery done on it and even I'm bad at spotting such things. I offer bigger, more erotic nude sets for download than any other Patreon creator and I take pride in that!

I'll also only questions that provide you with confirmation of her abuses and examples of her manipulation - I'm not here to talk about how plastic surgery or polyamory is wrong or gross. Milf legs feet Social media presence is worth more than gold these days, apparently. You made the right decision, in my opinion. As for your second question, I don't know but like other anons have said in this thread, she doesn't make her own elaborate costumes.

It took me years to shake off the creepers she collects. Tiny nips and tucks and then a few big ones, like the bolted-on tits, labiaplasty, eyelid altering, etc.

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