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If you breed two very good quality rexes together you may end up with more rexes, and you also may end up with double rex or patchwork hairless.

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Stick to breeders when acquiring rats! Visit my Facebook page for lots of adorable rat pictures and more information about Kritters by Katie! To help the mother, make sure when the babies start nibbling on food on their own that you provide things they can eat. Wentworth miller naked photos. Naked rats for sale. DuncannonPennsylvania Posted on May 6, We love working with other breeders who are eager to be part of the rat fancy. Looking to specialize in the most perfect pet rat that will love to be handled and trained.

This all being said line-breeding is not for the light-hearted; it should be done with utmost caution. They are very unique, and may have slight traces of hair or fuzz, depending upon the genetics that they have and the type of hairless rat they are. Other than that I usually treat them the same as my other rats, but I've never had one that's lived past a year, unfortunately that might be just my own bad experience.

On top of this, I am selecting for mycoplasma resistance, proper head shape, and tumor resistance. I have two male hairless rats. Selection varies by store. Main goal is to perfect the stripe! She would get things stuck under her 3rd eyelid like other rat's hair, bedding, fleece bits and she would have to go to the vet, be lightly gassed down and the debris removed and her eyes flushed. Gloria guida lesbian. Great with people and all animals.

These were oops litters! It has not been easy. My hairless rats are TRUE hairless, not double rex! I also suggest you read my article on Choosing a Breeder. This is how I ended up breeding furry rats that lived on average past three years of age and furless who came very close to that. They often have reproductive issues and depending on the line may also be riddled with other health problems.

I will be concentrating on rex-based furless, which I am most familiar with. Small hobby rattery breeding for health and temperament first.

Mission Viejo CA Various coat types including standard coat, rex, double rex, harley, and hairless. Coram, Long island, NY.

I breed with temperament and health as a top priority. I foolishly sold some rats from this line a long while ago thinking they were ready for pet placement. The Harley gene is a rare gene that causes extra long fur on rats.

Also breeding pet and show mice. We breed to make pet-quality rats.

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They are flat out hairless. So when we went back we got him another boy hairless playmate. Milf goes crazy. I prefer contact by email or text. Naked rats for sale. The thing is, they do tend to have health problems.

I want a female Hairless rat can someone get me one Please. Ive never had any health issues with my hairlesses To address the issue of "Rat-Bite-Fever" that has been in the news: Preparing for the Litter When breeding furless rats you should probably set up an aquarium for them. I also suggest you read my article on Choosing a Breeder.

There are plenty of great hubs on proper rat care, nutrition, rat toys, all things rattie! Patterns vary from self, Berkshire, Irish, variegated, capped, and patched. Siamese, Marten, and blazed. Rex curly fur was originally a spontaneous mutation.

Because of this common ancestry, breeding furless can also result in breeding rexes without really aiming to.

As rexes are bred and the gene is strengthened, there will be a noticeable hair thinning among the offspring. Lenka big tits. She doesn't appear to be in much pain except with rats it's hard to tell and I'm worried her head may be hurting. I am not sure where my breedings will take me, truthfully. Breeders may inquire as well, but availability is limited. We specialize in American, sky, and powder blue, Russian blue, silver and dove.

A ten-gallon aquarium is best for first-time mothers for the first week or two of the babies lives, at which point they can be put into a bigger aquarium. Double rexes bred for a few generations will eventually produce hairless. They both also had chronic URI. Blended Line This line is a mix of different bloodlines I have worked with.

Small hobby breeder, breeding for health and temperament first. They have both standard and dumbo ears in the line.

They are known to bond with their pet parent with time and daily engagement. Biggest tits in porn. Specializing in the breeding of healthy, happy, and well socialized haired, hairless, Rex, and double Rex rats. NO I am willing to travel and meet with potential adopters.

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This line is sold first come first serve and is regularly available. It is sad to see what can happen when people choose to buy rats from Big pet stores- who get their rats from "brokers"- who get them from places where the rats are mass bred for a quick buck.

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