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And if shaunie get a movie deal out of this show no one is going to pay to watch it, in fact no production company should waste the energy to attempt to produce it, this movie will be the joke of Hollywood, but I must say SHAUNIE your attempt to be a responsible human being has fell short.

You know the saying, sticks and stones but what happened you could have helped a country full of young people who experience this daily in their schools and homes. I cringe watching the example you set for young black girls or any girls for that matter. Amatuer milf facial. At this time I was dating an up a nd coming comedian named Dave Chappelle who very good friends with another young up and coming comedian named David Evans who was also on the same season of "the real world" as Tami.

After working all day in a white male dominated corporate field, it felt great to come home on a monday night and watch these women be silly, be fly, be strong, and simply tell it like it is. Evelyn lozada naked pics. I commend Tami for going to counseling, but she's going to need alot of it. How is your relationship now? She must be made an example to anyone else Jennifer. I would like to see season 5 only because they said they promised to tone it down next season or make it better.!

The producers showed the bad parts cuz that's what all you haters want to see. The biggest shocker of course was that polygraph test. I loved watching these women. So my thing is why get on the show and act like omg why she actin like that. Kesha nude video. Kenya cut out the two faced crop and stop taking off your shoes to fight. Big deal if someone talks about you, at least they are thinking about you. Too many people pon here actually repeating themselves saying Evelun,Tami and whoever are bullies If the producers told Tami about what Kesha said, they are just as petty and immature.

I forgive all of them and pray that next season it will be better. She is not ruining your reputation, you are. Subscribe To The Magazine Plus, receive digital access and a free gift with your purchase! Shaunie get some backbone and tell Evelyn and Tammi to buy, borrow or steal some class. Have u been watching that show U all r readin to much in to this. Stroll down your newsfeed on here. Came to find out it was someone else and she was taunting me, basically saying, 'I hope your show is successful because I'm going to make money off of you.

Let's face it some of them will do well some won't. Tami and Evelyn are the only two women on that show that literally has had beef with everybody except for Shaunie.

Keep the show popping Shaunie, I really love the outcome. Kristen stewart naked tumblr. Because end the end they are all just you and me Tami felt like Royce was not being a good friend, but Royce had Tami's back when nobody else did. Real talk real life issues real results. Punk ass bitches for real!!! I can't really speak on it because there's still an investigation, but I can say it became bigger than those pictures.

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Like you say, a lot of athletes aren't necessarily bad guys, so in your experience what makes infidelity such an issue? I'm anxious to see your relationship with Ochocinco and his kids. Hell, the only thing "the view" dont do is throw bottles. Cassandra calogera naked. What does that tell you? They are not there to be role models for your girls. One more thing u know this shit is for tv cause if they was real with it why u don't hear bout them on the tv news or in the paper or on the radio actin like that in the resteraunt or clubs or any were there r no cameras.

Apr 22 by Natasha. Evelyn lozada naked pics. Surely you have an idea of who's doing this. Tami Tami Tami Tami When I first started taping the show, I began getting harassing emails and texts from someone. I cringe watching the example you set for young black girls or any girls for that matter. Its reality TV they have to keep the audience watching. Nude boobs sex. I was really disappointed in John, Shaunie, and Tami. Kenya a hot ghetto mess. Seems like you want people to believe all you all do is sit and sip tea and be 'graceful' and 'ladylike'.

Who cares if she doesn't want to be around you ghetto birds anymore. The worst is that you are always attacking her verbally and physically. Frist off this is tv. Again, I asked,"what happened to Dave Evans? Its so funny that so many women are pissed. Millions tuned in to watch these women. They know what each and every one of r bout. Lesbian sex iphone. Like I said just for tv! You know the saying, sticks and stones but what happened you could have helped a country full of young people who experience this daily in their schools and homes.

Then you could have shown the bullies that there are always consequences by firing tammi and Evelyn from the show.

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So I guess you are just a "Ghetto hot mess". I think that the show did go a bit too far but to use it or think of it in a racial manner is wrong.

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