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Half naked women wallpaper

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I work in a phone shop and I see a lot of these and I think it is a bit weird, especially when you have porn open in the browser and need me to fix your internet.

An image like that would make me chuckle, but I wouldn't feel alienated or jump to any conclusions about you as a person.

Half naked women wallpaper

My girlfriend's background does a slide show and a lot of it is muscle bound shirtless dudes. Naked zulu girls. My phone is certainly personal in that I wouldn't want someone just scrolling through my pictures or surfing the web with it before I deleted my history!

Thanks for the clarification. I adorn my bedroom with only the most tasteful anime scrolls. Half naked women wallpaper. However, I am discussing this as a general topic, not necessarily that picture in specific. A cool image of a girl, like this- http: If it happens to be from a show or series that I like and in context, it is marginally better. Email us at contact ticktockapps. I haven't seen any comments mention feeling threatened. Nothing is wrong with enjoying eye candy, it's the having it on display that just seems very teenager to me.

I wonder what the distinction is. Currently it's Daddy Yankee ; So if a guy did this I wouldn't think anything of it, even if it was some random half naked chick. Naked lesbian girls pics. If you can't tamp down your desire to look at scantily dressed ladies enough to keep a few screens uncluttered by body parts, I'm going to have doubts about your general levels of self-control. GCX Member Jan 4, Plus, usually it'll be a ridiculously perfect model photoshopped to perfection and very slim, and I will thus assume that I'm not his type, and be less likely to hit on him.

It also just shows what he chooses to occupy his mind with. About what you post: Now if you were to ask me "what's with the girl? Plus, you're opening yourself up to a whole host of judgements see above, and similar sentiments like "Ew, he likes that actress?

I sometimes use wallpapers of men or women that I find attractive, so it doesn't really bother me if a man does. I also kind of assume the type a guy who likes to stare at naked women constantly is going to also be the kind of guy to send creepy naked pictures of himself to women as flirting. If I'm seeing it, whether it's on your phone, in your room or a wallpaper, it makes me uncomfortable.

I know this thread is long done and your post is buried, but I find myself in the same boat. They're also fairly private with their sex lives. It gives us something to talk about, tells me a little bit about you. Talk via PM or start a new thread. Sexy 'eye candy' isn't something that I look for and I don't tend to be compatiable with those who display images of people they find sexually attractive in a public arena.

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My take on this is it's usually saved for spaces where you don't think actual women will go. I won't always change my habit, but I will certainly talk about it with her, and if I feel her reaction is warranted I will change.

It also depends on the guy's attitude and personality, and who the picture is of. Milf fuck xxx. I love porn and I love looking at pictures of women and what not, but in my mind there's a line you cross by making it some significant permanent part of your daily ritual background on your phone or computer, for example. No Dorm room fun for you!

However, I am much less likely to date a guy with that kind of wall papers. Let's say if there is an Apple product, you should write "Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.

The decor was certainly interesting. I think clear images of all faces should not be allowed.

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Took a pic a couple months ago of a sealed mgs that shows my posters too. I find it erotic both contextually on a bed and in terms of how far said dress is hiked up the leg. We have flair for men, women, trans folks, and gender neutral people. Yes, it's a free country, and you should be able to do what you want.

Women can also be alcoholics and do the exact same thing. My lock screen is Ryan Gosling and my background is my boyfriend sleeping with my cat.

I did have an ex-boyfriend who had a sexy photo of Scarlett Johansson on his huge computer monitor. Download big tits 3gp. Half naked women wallpaper. For me that second one wouldn't have been a contender at all, but not because it's "objectifying", but because it's just boring. Thinking someone is beautiful doesn't mean you're immediately sexualising them.

Immature is the word that comes to mind - it makes me think that he's shallow and doesn't care if people perceive him as being obsessed with staring at women's bodies, to the point where there always needs to be one around. I mean, it's pretty classless to have straight up porn as your background on anything, but the image in question is not suggestive or pornographic. I'm not talking about "art" nudes where the message isn't necessarily about pleasing some straight guy.

I think it may be best for you to tell him how you really feel, and ask why it's so important to him. I think it would be hypocritical for me to be wildly offended if a guy did something similar. You do apply it equally to women, I assume, and judge women just as harshly.

No posting personal pictures. I'm getting that perhaps I should just tell him? If it's because you're really into doctor who and you want to talk about the characters, sure! I had a summer job at a factory few years ago and the naked women calendars were all over the place. Milf video chat. It's not wrong to feel that way, because from my standpoint I can't understand why your boyfriend feels the need to have a slideshow like that.

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It's not a double standard. Hot naked scottish girls. My answer regards skin shots, i. Charles Foster Kane Rosebud Jan 4, If it is a face-focused, more artistic photo, it gives off a different vibe than some nudie pic that teenagers and truck drivers favor. Nude katrina kaif porn I know he doesn't think anything of it, and I feel silly for feeling bad, but it really sucks to see those images all day on his computer.

I adorn my bedroom with only the most tasteful anime scrolls. If my SO has something like this, I'd feel disrespected. But of course I'm not running around with wallpapers of him half naked, that's for sure. Can I ask for your email? I'd say it depends on who it is.

I don't think it's creepy, but it does seem really immature, and I don't think I could date someone that's into Taylor Swift anyway, I find her music pretty annoying.

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Jane big tits Maybe a guy find her songs inspirational. But it seems like he does, which is the part that hurts so much. No posting personal pictures.
Big pierced tits pics My boyfriend has a photo of me from a boudoir photo shoot as his wallpaper on his netbook.
Sexy girls without dress images It is probably literally impossible for human beings, biological creatures, to become incapable of seeing and enjoying each other as potentially sexual objects. Sure, she had a very supportive family, but she really took responsibility for her own success. I dont see a problem with it either.
Lesbian cum swap I mean, it wouldn't make me think much less of him unless she were super scantily clad, but I would think marginally more of him if he had a more interesting wallpaper. Talk via PM or start a new thread.
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